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Switching to LNG will Save you Money
LNG Fuel Price is Less Volatile
Pay Less Carbon Tax with LNG

Economics Benefits

Natural gas will reduce fuel costs for your project. Over the past decade, natural gas fuel via LNG has provided significant cost savings over diesel and propane for our customers. With world-class resources in North America, the price of natural gas will remain stable over the life of your project, and will reduce exposure to federal carbon taxes.

Savings Calculator

Energy Equivalency

In North America, natural gas is more affordable than both diesel and propane on an energy equivalent basis. Calculate the estimated cost savings of LNG in your operation.

North America has an Abundance of

Inexpensive Natural Gas

There are currently 800 tcf of natural gas that can be economically produced at a price of $3/mcf and 1,250 tcf at $4/mcf. Based on 2018 average demand, this will provide North America with 27 and 43 years, respectively, of inexpensive natural gas.

Abundant & Stable

Stable Pricing

The price of LNG fuel is less volatile than the price of diesel and propane because there is significantly less commodity exposure - leading to enhanced risk-adjusted project returns.

Decreased Commodity Exposure Risk

Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax

The Government of Canada has introduced a federal carbon tax that will increase to $50 per tonne of CO2e  emitted by 2022. The federal carbon tax is central to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. Natural gas releases less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than diesel and propane, therefore fueling with LNG will result in less carbon taxes paid, enhancing the economic benefits.


Learn More About the Environmental Benefits of LNG

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