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Energized Fluids to Natural Gas Fuels

The Energy & Minerals Group

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The Vision for Fuel of Today

Ferus NGF is part of the Ferus Group of Companies which has built and operated a full-service cryogenics business starting with carbon dioxide and nitrogen in 2001, and in 2011 grew to include LNG.



The facility, which became commercially operational in May 2014, has positioned Ferus NGF as a leader in the North American domestic natural gas fuelling market. It is strategically located in Elmworth, AB in the heart of oil and gas activity. It produces high-quality LNG fuel for drilling and completions operations, remote power generation, mining operations and pipeline and facility outages.


With growing demand, Ferus NGF is currently exploring the development of a facility in the Fort Nelson, B.C. area, which will enhance Ferus NGF's LNG supply chain in the north.

Our Trailblazing Journey from Energized Fluids to Natural Gas Fuels


Ferus founder Dick Brown decided to build his own CO2 plant when he could not get enough of the gas for his well completions operations. Demand increased so quickly that within 18 months he raised the money and assembled a team to simultaneously build five CO2 and N2 plants in Alberta.

Along with its production plants, Ferus built specialized equipment and logistics systems to move complicated cryogenic (very cold) products  on tough and remote terrain becoming the premier North American provider of off-road cryogenic, energized fluids – 100% dedicated to the oil and gas industry.



With the abundance of natural gas due to technology development, the price of gas dropped making it cost competitive to diesel. Ferus leveraged its cryogenic expertise to create a domestic LNG business.

Ferus NGF announces the successful completion of what is believed to be the first ever hydraulic fracturing operation utilizing liquefied natural gas (LNG) as engine fuel in North America.



Ferus NGF solidifies its leadership position in natural gas fueling by building and commissioning Canada’s first merchant LNG plant in Elmworth, AB

As LNG demand grows, Ferus NGF builds the supply chain in western and northern Canada supplying fuel to the oil and gas industry and for pipeline outages, and trucking loads up north to the Yukon and Northwest Territories for remote power generation. 

2014 – 2021

Our Journey

Our Ownership

Ferus NGF's majority shareholder is The Energy & Minerals Group (EMG), the management company for a series of specialized private equity funds. EMG focuses on investing across various facets of the global natural resource industry including the upstream and midstream segments of the energy complex. EMG has approximately $16 billion of regulatory assets under management and approximately $11 billion in commitments have been allocated across the energy sector since inception.

Our Ownership

Our Leadership

President and Chief Executive Officer, Ferus Group of Companies. 
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Shawn Green

Director, Operations

Shawn is responsible for transportation, logistics, equipment new-builds, field services, policies and procedures, HSE, and new ventures and projects. He works closely with business development and sales to ensure customer needs are met and exceeded and that first-class safety standards are upheld. Shawn has been with the Ferus Group since 2006 and has hands-on and leadership experience in all areas of operations including as a Driver, Field Supervisor, Manager of Field Supervisors, Base Manager and Logistics Manager. He also spent two years in sales as an Account Manager for Ferus. Prior to Ferus, Shawn worked in heavy equipment hauling for ten years and owned an equipment hauling company in Prince George, British Columbia for five years.

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Darnell Juzwishyn


Darnell serves as the Controller of Ferus NGF and leads the company's financial reporting, accounting and treasury functions. Darnell joined the Ferus Group of Companies in October 2014 as a senior accountant, supporting the IFRS and US GAAP financial reporting for all Ferus entities. In March 2016, Darnell moved to the Ferus NGF team, while providing additional accounting support for all of Ferus' natural gas entities across North America. Darnell has served as Controller for Ferus NGF since September 2017. Prior to joining Ferus, Darnell worked at Deloitte, serving as a senior lead on several audit engagements, reporting under both Canadian GAAS and PCAOB standards. Darnell received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary in 2010. He is a graduate of the CA School of Business, and was a National Honour Roll and ICAA Dzurko Honour Roll Member on the 2013 UFE.

Our Leadership

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