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Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. Provides a Series of LNG Safety Training Sessions for Yukon-based First Responder Groups

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. (Ferus NGF) demonstrated its ongoing commitment to local community engagement and public safety with a series of LNG safety training sessions for Yukon-based first responders. 

Throughout Q4 2020, Ferus NGF conducted both live and virtual demonstrations with some sessions attended by as many as 40 safety personnel. In consideration participant safety, all precautions were taken to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 viral transmission during the live demonstrations. Safety measures included protective gear, physical distancing, and hosting the demonstrations outdoors.

The LNG safety training sessions provided important information to first responders about LNG’s properties and characteristics, how it is safely transported and stored, emergency response procedures, and effective fire-fighting tactics. During virtual sessions, Ferus NGF’s HSE manager, Bernie Pyra, utilized a series of Calgary Fire Department training videos to highlight best practices and spark discussion. 


Ferus NGF’s Shane Philibert, who oversees Training & First Response Operations, led many of the live LNG demonstrations. He says most first responder training pertaining to fuel transport has historically been focused on more common commodities traveling into and through their jurisdictions, such as diesel and propane.

“Now that LNG transports are becoming more common in the northern rural areas, it’s important to ensure that local first responders are aware of the product's characteristics and the potential hazards of working with a cryogenic. Highlighting the unique characteristics of LNG, combined with live demonstrations of the product, gives first responders a better understanding and comfort level to ensure quick and critical decisions can be made in the event they are called on,” Philibert said.

Ferus NGF’s LNG safety training sessions reached first responders with the following organizations:

  • Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs

  • Chieftain Energy Services

  • Environment & Climate Change Canada

  • Golden Horn Fire Department

  • Hootalinqua Fire Department

  • Ibex Valley Fire Department

  • KBL Environmental

  • Klondike Valley Fire Department

  • Marsh Lake Fire Department

  • Mt. Lorne Fire Department

  • Skagway Alaska Fire Department

  • Teslin Fire Department

  • Watson Lake Fire Department

  • Whitehorse Fire Department

  • Yukon Department of Energy, Mines & Resources

  • Yukon Department of Environment

  • Yukon Fire Marshal Office


Warren Zakus, Vice President of the Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs, attended one of the first sessions. Following the presentation, Zakus said, "[Ferus NGF’s] presentation will help our members respond to potential emergencies across the territory by improving our understanding of the equipment they, and our other industry partners, use in the transportation industry. We look forward to a continued close working relationship with our industry partners like Ferus NGF."

Ferus NGF is currently planning additional LNG safety demonstrations for the remote communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. 


LNG produces a clean-burning, bright, lazy flame. When the LNG has completely combusted, there is no residue whatsoever. 

LNG will begin to boil and vaporize in a beaker as it absorbs heat from the surrounding air. When poured onto soil, it will completely dissipate, leaving the soil cold and dry.

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