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New Report Looking at Canada's Supply Chain Opportunities Highlights Ferus NGF's Role in Growing Domestic LNG Industry


Last week, JWN Energy and the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (CSUR), with support from the Daily Oil Bulletin and Evaluate Energy, released a new report addressing Canada's supply chain opportunities for industry players in the oil and gas space. 

The special report looked at three main areas: 

  • The potential for liquefied natural gas development to be a major driver of jobs in Alberta and British Columbia;

  • Key benefits of working with Indigenous communities; 

  • Spinoff opportunities in an emerging domestic distributed supply chain serving remote communities, industrial operations and transportation with LNG.

In highlighting Canada's domestic LNG supply chain opportunities, the report states:"While many Canadian LNG projects have focused on large-scale exports, there is also a tremendous opportunity at home for LNG to replace diesel in remote power generation and in onshore and offshore transportation."


It goes on to say,"Ferus Natural Gas Fuels and Kate Energy are building out the supply chain to meet this need in Western Canada."

Ferus NGF's supply chain diagram and a photo of a recent completions operation utilizing LNG were also referenced in the report. 



All four reports are available in a printable PDF format.
Please follow the links below.

Special Report 1 / August 2019
LNG: Canada's Global Market Opportunity
Global Market Demand and Canadian Production

Special Report 2 / November 2019
Canada's Green LNG Advantage

Extensive electrification offers critical low-emissions advantage in the global pursuit of clean growth


Special Report 3 / February 2020

Building Trust: Canadian LNG Developers & First Nations

Early and earnest engagement with First Nations has helped Canada's LNG project proponents


Special Report 4 / April 2020

LNG: Canada's Supply Chain Opportunities

Liquefied natural gas development a lifeline for Canada's oil and gas supply chain

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