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Being a Partner

Partnerships and collaboration are key components in the development of a sustainable domestic LNG fueling industry in Canada. We learned this early on and have been joining forces with our customers, service providers, First Nations and Inuit communities, and other stakeholders as we trail-blaze new and remote markets and provide the safest most reliable supply of LNG.

Commitment to First Nations and Inuit Peoples

We value local knowledge, experience and understanding of the land, and are motivated to create mutually beneficial partnerships and initiatives with First Nations and Inuit Peoples that will generate environmental, social and economic benefits.


We are working actively with multiple Indigenous communities and organizations in our operating and growth areas to build relationships, establish trust, seek advice, insights and knowledge, and discuss employment, partnership and/or investment opportunities associated with the LNG infrastructure and supply chain we are operating and building.

First Nations

Being a Good Neighbour

The people in our communities are important to us, and we want to be welcomed as a trustworthy, innovative, engaging and contributing member. We consult transparently, consistently and with open minds on proposed projects, and once operational, we respect and preserve our neighbours’ quality of life and contribute where we can to enhancing it.

Being a Good Neighbour

Guaranteed Energy

LNG for power and heat is reliable, clean and economical. The movement to reduce reliance on diesel includes a blend of lower carbon natural gas and renewable energy options. The inclusion of LNG in the mix ensures Energy Everywhere for Everyone, always.

Guaranteed Energy
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