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Ferus NGF Sponsors the Yukon Chamber of Mines' 2020 

WHERE Challenge for Students

May 20, 2020


For this year's Mining Week, the Yukon Chamber of MinesGovernment of Yukon and Mining Matters have partnered to introduce the WHERE Challenge. 


The WHERE Challenge asks students the questions: What on Earth is in your stuff and where on Earth it does it come from?


Students are asked to pick a favourite object in their home, identify one or more non-renewable Earth resources needed to make the object, and then guess where they think the resources come from.


Answers can be submitted in the form of an essay, poem, song, painting, poster, video or whatever other medium the student chooses. 

Ferus NGF is very proud to be sponsoring the WHERE Challenge because it is a creative and engaging way to teach youth about resources and geology.

We strongly believe in the value education and the importance of supporting and engaging with the communities in which we operate.

During last year's Yukon Mining Week, Ferus NGF sponsored and participated in the Discovery Camp, situated at the S.S, Klondike National Historic Site.

Throughout the day, our team interacted with over 500 youth, demonstrating the basic properties of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Along with an education on LNG, students received Ferus Frisbees, Freezies – which to their amazement were frozen right on the spot using LNG – and other giveaways. 

To this year's contestants, we wish them the best of luck and we look forward to interacting with the community in the years to come!

Promotional image courtesy of Yukon Chamber of Mines

"Ferus Natural Gas Fuels has been an incredible supporter of the Yukon Chamber of Mines for the past two years, and we look forward to growing our great partnership with them for years to come. Education about natural resources is critical to the success of our industry and Ferus NGF's support of our community educational events has helped us reach more people across the Yukon."

Ed Peart, President
Yukon Chamber of Mines

At last year's Discovery Camp, over 500 students visited the Ferus NGF exhibit to learn about LNG.

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