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Alberta LNG for Facilities and Pipeline Maintenance, Commissioning and Outages

Ferus NGF Offers New Services for Facilities & Pipelines in Alberta


Whether you’re purging or pigging an existing facility/pipeline, or need temporary fuel supply during outages or commissioning, Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (Ferus NGF) offers the ideal solution for all your needs.

Our full-service liquefied natural gas (LNG) offering includes versatile equipment that can purge with N2 and reenergize using LNG making planned and unplanned maintenance faster, easier, less expensive and with a minimal footprint. And as a leading producer of LNG in western Canada, we ensure reliable fuel supply when you don’t have access to your own.



Ferus NGF provides top-tier support. In addition to mob and demob, our field operators conduct regular site visits and monitoring, ensuring the job goes according to plan and meets all safety guidelines. Ferus NGF is highly responsive and quick to mobilize when additional customer support is required.

  • Temporary fuel supply (LNG)

  • Pipeline outages

  • Facility commissioning

  • Facility maintenance or emergency repair

  • Pipeline maintenance or emergency repair

  • Line pigging



Our system streamlines your maintenance and emergency repairs, resulting in saved time and money.


Ferus NGF can supply and utilize both LNG and N2 using the same equipment.


Ferus NGF is a reliable producer and supplier of LNG, so our product is just a call away.


99K Vaporizer for LNG Projects in Alberta

Key Features

  • Vaporizes liquid natural gas (LNG) for end use

  • 20,000 to 99,000 SCFH vaporization rate

  • 3”, 150# outlet connections (x2)

  • 48,000 lbs

  • 40’4” long, 8’6” wide

  • Flexible power source: Onboard natural gas generator or shore power

Safety Features

  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Fire Eye and LEL Detection

  • ESD Valves

  • 99K Vaporizer and Queen LNG Storage intercommunication.

  • Remote Monitoring


  • 15m from any source of ignition

  • Rear of the Queen storage unit(s) must be 25m from any source of ignition

  • Footprint: one Vaporizer 40’6 x 8’6, and one storage vessel (Queen) 54’ x 10’

Gasifier for LNG Projects in Alberta

Key Features

  • Up to 31,500 SCFH vaporization rate

  • 15,500 US gallons onboard storage

  • 2”, 150# Outlet Connections

  • 52,000 lbs

  • 55’ long, 9’ wide

Safety Features

  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Fire Block Valves

  • Emergency Stop Buttons

  • Flame and Methane Detection

  • Remote Monitoring


  • 480V 200Amp power source

  • Rear of the unit must be 25m from any source of ignition

  • Footprint: 54’ x 10’


Our deployment process is quick and straightforward.

We begin with a pre-scout visit to determine our customer’s key job requirements such as flow rates, volumes, pressures, and scheduling.

We then mobilize our product and equipment to the customer’s site on the predetermined date and time to spot and rig in. This process includes basic tasks like running fuel and power lines as well as putting up safety signage and completing important safety checks on equipment.

Once our customer is ready to begin operations, Ferus NGF’s onsite field operator will initiate the unit and pressurize the lines. This process is the same for both natural gas or Npurging and reenergizing.

Ferus NGF can switch between gases seamlessly with one simple step of switching storage units. Upon completion, we depressurize, uncouple and vacate the site

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